Boot camp in Newcastle – 3 Great Tips On Staying Active At Work

Here at Northeast boot camp we believe that staying active throughout the day can do wonders for your waistline and your health. We also understand that finding ways to stay active throughout the day whilst at work can be challenging BUT it’s not impossible!

Even if you work at a desk all day everyday there are ways you can break away and incorporate some mild physical activity into your usual daily routine. The following tips can be squeezed into your workday without changing into different clothes and without looking stupid doing some sort of office workout

1. During your lunch break get up and walk

Say you have 60 minutes for your lunch break. Always have 20-30 minutes to eat and for the rest of your break get up and walk. It’s a mini, but mild, workout in itself.  Get yourself outside and take a short walk whilst getting some fresh air. It doesn’t have to be hardcore just walk at a moderate or slow pace. It’s better for your mind and body than sitting around for an hour.

2. Take every opportunity to get up and walk away from your desk

When every you need to run some files to what ever department make sure you do it and don’t pass the job to someone else. When ever you need to communicate with someone get up and go see them rather than calling or sending them an email. Whenever your work colleagues go for a coffee/tea break make sure you get up and join them even if you aren’t getting a drink. Taking a stroll to the local coffee shop is a quick and easy way to integrate some extra physical activity into your general day.

4. Say “No” to the Elevator Every time

Make it a habit to start taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The elevator is never an option. Begin your workday by walking up the stairs to your office, take every other opportunity during your workday to ignore the elevator and use the stairs, and then end your day by walking down the stairs to the exit.

Final note from Northeast Boot camp

You need to realise that your fitness, health and waistline do not just depend on working out. When it comes down to it, every little bit of activity counts. Just because you’re not doing press-ups or sprints doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not getting any benefit. Put it this way, if you stay active like I’ve explained, you workout AND you eat a well balanced diet you will be a lot healthier than the person that only does one of the three.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the article guys

Your Fitness and Fat Loss Coach

David Spark


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