Diet Coke Will NOT Help You Lose Weight

If you are looking to lose weight and you are considering drinking diet coke to help you then i suggest you think again. Drinking diet coke or ANY diet soda for that matter IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT EVER! To be honest it will HELP YOU GAIN WEIGHT!!! It may seem harmless but there’s a lot of evidence showing the exact opposite. Yes it may be free from calories but this does come with consequence.

The first problem you face with diet soda is that it reduces the PH levels of your blood. Rather that the body being more alkaline it becomes more acidic. This is not a situation you want to be in especially if your diet is very poor all round. A body that spends majority of its time in an acidic environment invites chronic ailments, such as fatigue, increased vulnerability to infection, anxiety and insomnia because the body is deprived of oxygen. Some healthy food such as meat (in small amounts), poultry, fish and eggs are acidic forming but they also carry vast amount of health benefits and they can be balanced with green vegetables and all colored vegetables as they help increase the alkalinity of the body. The point I’m making is that diet soda has no health benefits what so ever as it provides no nutritional value apart from the problems I’m detailing in this article.

Secondly, the chemical used to line the aluminum cans that diet soda is housed acts as an antiseptic and helps prevent corrosion, according to manufacturers. They fail to tell us that this chemical known as Bisphenol-A or BPA is also absorbed in small amounts by the diet soda itself due to the acidic nature of the soda. Studies indicate that BPA when ingested may lead to increased aggressiveness, hyperactivity, impaired learning and weight gain. Additionally, BPA mimics the hormone known as estrogen in the body along with several of the negative effects it may have on the body. Such effects include women finding it hard to lose their stubborn body fat in the hips and men developing what we call “man boobs”.

Thirdly, the tongue recognizes the artificial sweetener as sugar or carbohydrates, signaling to the body to start producing insulin to help regulate blood sugar levels. Diet soda has no sugar content therefore the only blood sugar the insulin needs to deal with is the limited supply left in your blood stream from your last meal and this causes a critical deficit. You will feel temporary symptoms similar to hypoglycemia, including anxiety, sweating, rapid heartbeat and hunger. The unstable blood sugar levels bring on food cravings, particularly sugar cravings. In addition, the artificial sweetener also triggers appetite and inhibits brain cells that signal the feeling of being full which along side sugar cravings sets you up to binge on sugar laden foods. To make matters worse, the gut when exposed to such a sweetened environment including that of the diet soda will only cause your stomach bacteria to produce more short-chain fatty acids. This will decrease satiety signals and will cause disruption to how full you actually feel, prompting you to continue to over eat. Obviously you don’t want to be feeling hungry, craving sugar and over eating if you’re trying to lose weight by drinking diet coke!

The problem gets worse. The release of insulin instantly inhibits the enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase (HSL). HSL is responsible for allowing your fat cells to release fat into your bloodstream so it can be burned as energy in your muscles. Those who inhibit HSL will grow fat throughout their adult years. If your body is unable to burn fat then it will begin to utilise amino acids from muscle and carbohydrates as fuel. This will leave you feeling tired, grumpy and lazy toward the end of the day along side abnormally hungry. Encouraging the loss of muscle is counter-productive because you need muscle to burn fat. Its important that you realize long-term exposure to insulin spikes like that from artificial sweeteners can and will cause the body to become insulin resistance. Once your muscle starts to reject insulin the only place to store blood sugar is you fat cells in and around the waist. Eventually fat cells will do the same and this is when diabetes comes knocking.

Your Fitness and fat loss Coach

David Spark


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