Little Black Dress Bootcamp

Little black dress owners of the North East. It breaks all our morals to even mention the world Christmas in October but what looms in just 6 weeks or so is of VERY HIGH IMPORTANCE and can’t be ignored.

After the eggs and flour has been thrown this Halloween and the local chav’s have set off their fireworks down the allotments YOU will only have 5 or 6 weeks before you have to face up to the reality of squeezing into that little black dress at this year’s Christmas party!

That’s right geordie lasses (and lads who may wear dresses) it’s almost time to fill yourself full of Jager Bombs and build up the alcohol fuelled confidence to kiss random strangers under something that resembles mistletoe or in our experience try and get your fitness trainer to do the plank in the middle of a crowded pub.

Now if you want to feel confident the socially acceptable way then read on..

Have you looked in the mirror recently and felt fat or frumpy, lacking confidence or you’ve just realised that you’ll need to buy a new (slightly larger) little black dress this year?

YES? Then our early Christmas gift to you is just in time.

Below you can register for our tried and tested 7 Steps to Skinny Jeans (dresses, jeans.. all the same) ebook. We will email it to you straight away at no charge, all you have to do it complete the short form below. We’ve helped over 3000 people with these hints and tips and want you to benefit from them too

So have a read, take note and see the fat drop off, but if you know the importance of exercising to see long lasting results and even quicker fat loss then you may be interested in our 21 & 28 Little Black Dress Boot Camp.

Click here to see the before and after pictures of those who attended our bootcamp and picture yourself with those results.

You get all the essential diet plans, food do’s and don’ts included as well as unlimited access to our 14 indoor sessions in Benton or Walbottle.


21 day WAS £69 NOW £39, 2 or more £34 each

28 day WAS £89 NOW £49, 2 or more £44 each

Select the option for package if you want more information on how our bootcamps work and we’ll be in touch.

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